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Born and raised in British Columbia's spectacular Fraser Valley, glass artist, Nancy Dearborn has always sought to echo the beauty of the natural world in her art. The call to create began early in Nancy's life, beginning with interests in painting and photography. Her love of colour and texture opened her to the world of glass and it is through this medium that she found freedom as an artist.


In 2004 Nancy relocated to the Okanagan Valley where she is inspired by the breathtaking views that surround her. She works from her home studio and wood shop in the sunny South Okanagan where she also makes her home. 

A self-taught artist, Nancy has become known for a vibrant palette and highly textured surfaces that she achieves by using a unique process she’s developed through experimentation and innovation.  Many of her works are comprised of thousands of fragments of  glass, built in layers that produce light-catching angles and depth of colour. Nancy explains:


"Inspired by our beautiful planet and those we share it with, glass is my voice to speak a message of the incredible gift that surrounds us. I cut, break, and smash glass, then assemble it in a kiln. Some pieces spend more than 100 hours being fired, transforming the glass into an expression of beauty. I combine the newly formed glass with driftwood, reclaimed lumber, metal, stone, ash and light to finish the work.  I feel honoured when people connect with my art and my journey, and in turn have a deeper appreciation for the world we share."

Over the years Nancy's art has been shown in a variety of exhibitions and galleries. Her artwork has found a home in galleries and private collections in Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean,  Australia, and Europe. 

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