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MEMORIALS - click image to enlarge

Memorials are designed in consultation with you, to bring honour and respect to your loved one or beloved pet. The glass sculpture can include cremated ash of your loved one or pet to create lasting beautiful memories that can be handed down for years to come. However, memorials do not need to include cremated ash if you don't wish to.

If you choose to include cremated ash, a surprisingly small amount is needed. The ash that is entrusted to me is not touched by human hands, is labeled and tracked, and any unused portion is returned to you with your memorial piece. I have special, low rates for the loss of babies and young children. Contact me for details or consultation.  All consultations are confidential.

Some examples of memorials I have designed and created appear below. Click on the image to view enlarged photos and an explanation of the process and piece.

*Images used with permission of the client.

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